LLP Name  Green Wired Limited Liability Partnership
Founding   April 21, 2015
Capital     1,500,000(JPY)
Representative  Yuka Nakatsuji
Partner  Yuka Nakatsuji (CEO)
Partner  Junya Nakatsuji (JAPAN Division manager)
Partner  Nakatsuji Engineering CO.,LTD.(Ordinary corporation)
Partner  Koichiro Miki (CHINA Division manager)
JP Office  1-11-20, Shima, Ibaraki-shi, Osaka
CN Office 999-31-201 Wanrong Rd Shanghai
Business  Sale of import and export and plan development
Our Banks  Mizuho Bank, Ltd.
         Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited

          JAPAN Office(Ibaraki-shi,Osaka)                       CHINA Office(Wanong Rd Shanghai)

❏ JAPAN Office   1-11-20, Shima, Ibaraki-shi, Osaka
❏ CHINA Office   999-31-201 Wanrong Rd Shanghai
❏ Telephone number  +81-72-628-6906
❏ E-mail

Japanese shopping site. I deliver the goods selected carefully to Japan from China.

Chinese shopping site. I report Japanese goods to Chinese whole using Shanghai business office as a foothold.
Various problems on the work and on the life of the enterprise who goes into China from foreign countries are supported.

It's Green Wired LLP investment enterprise, mother's body enterprise.