The Japan made ​​to China

The China made to Japan

Good item, Good select.

Green Wired
The Green Wired As for the Green Wired LLP, (Limited Liability
Partnership)established by the shape that an marketing division of import and export becames independent of a company.

For better service , We put bases in Japan and Shanghai and fix the sales system by keeping speedy and certain correspondence in mind.
Connected Asia with Japan We'll deliver the Japanese high quality goods and services to China around the country via Shanghai in China.

We introduced Chinese and Asian culture and unusual gems in Japan,thereby we promote person and cultural exchange.

Through the net shop All purchase of goods and support can do all it with chinese language.

You can use it casually and safely.
through Japan and chinese net shop network.

Please enjoy the new world by the green bond "the green wired service " which indicate relief and trust.

Business starting
HP opening(Ver1.0)
Trade section separation
Shanghai office opening
Net shop opening(Japan)
Corporate Profile
LLP Name
Green Wired LLP
April 21, 2015
JP office
1-11-20, Shima, Ibaraki-shi, Osaka
CN office
999-31-201 Wanrong Rd Shanghai
Description business
Import and export sales
Planning and development business